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30+ Social Sites with High Domain Authority and Trust Rank for Backlinks

Nowadays one of the only ways to go, while increasing the rankings of website on Google and other search engines, is getting high quality, trusted backlinks. The days of getting thousands of low quality, spammy backlinks is over; for perfect white hat SEO at least.
In Past SEOs are totally relying on Google Page Rank, now we know that Google stopped updating the Page Rank, now SEOs are depending on new metrics in search engines which hover about trust and authority.
The important thing we need to do to boost a sites authority is to improve its Trust Rank, and the social media profiles are the best platforms which can deliver Trust Rank. May be you have already create the typical Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. But we bet you that when you do Search Engine Optimizations for your clients or for yourself; you didn’t know that there is a huge list of high domain authority social networking sites with high Domain Authority (a metrics) that are absolutely waiting for …